Don't Freeze Up During A Fire

Prepare yourself with fire safety training in Bismarck, ND and surrounding areas

If the first time you try to operate a fire extinguisher is during a fire, then you'll likely struggle with it. Master Fire & Safety in Bismarck, ND can help you prepare to deal with a fire in your space. Our fire safety training will make you feel much more confident in your extinguishing abilities.

Contact us today to schedule a fire safety class.

Knowing how to operate a fire extinguisher could save your life someday. When you turn to us for fire safety training, we will teach you:

  • When to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to follow general fire safety procedures
Whether you work in a place with potential fire hazards or simply want to avoid a house fire, you should know how to put out a flame if one ignites. Call us now at 701-319-0125 to start your training.